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We are a group of friends that dance and welcome all those interested in dancing to come along and join us.

We originally formed in November 2008 and have grown from that first small group to ever increasing numbers of today. As of 2017 the end of the financial year we had 90 members.

This original, small group of Rock and Roll enthusiasts, started in a private residence in Sanctuary Point. As the dancers started to grow in numbers and word spread in the community about a group called the Shoalhaven RocknRoll members it needed more room. So in February 2009, the group moved to the Huskisson Bowling Club and conducted regular dance nights until the end of that year.​

Eventually the group moved to the St Georges Basin Country Club​ in January 2010. With numbers exceeding 60 people turning up to learn rock and roll dancing it became obvious that the group needed more room and with a good dance floor that stayed open later for our enthusiastic rock and roll dancers.

Although we all love our rock and roll we also enjoy many social dances in various styles including ballroom, line and even the odd barn dance. We even welcome audiences to come and watch us on our Monday social nights. For our weekly contribution of $5 and annual membership fee we are able to host special evenings for our members at a reduced cost. This allows us to hire halls and or venue’s, bands and supply the food on our social nights like our Christmas party or special themed events.

We became an incorporated association in August 2012. The group is “NOT FOR PROFIT” with all monies raised, being used to benefit members. It is run by a committee of nine members. Before joining our club, all members must abide by the code of conduct which is shown below.

Many of our existing members consider this group an extension on their family. With new members expanding and sharing our passion of dance, friendship, fun and all while learning great rock and roll moves. So if dancing, watching dancers or listening to music is something you enjoy we hope to see you there for some serious fun!, lots of socialising, even some laughter and belonging to a great group of like minded people.

The group is a not for profit organisation with all monies raised, being used to benefit members. It is run by a committee of nine members. The committee is elected annually by financial members. Before joining our club, all members must abide by the code of conduct which is shown below.

Our mission statement is to enjoy social dancing with fellow dancers in a social and respective environment. To treat everyone with respect.

The aims of the Club are to:
1. Promote Rock and Roll dancing and associated types within the general community.
2. Promote physical and mental fitness by the medium of dance.
3. Promote social activities in a friendly and non-competitive environment.

Code of Conduct

With becoming a member of Shoalhaven Rock and Roll you agree to the rights and responsibilities to yourself, your peers and the club in general as listed below.

1. Be treated fairly, equally and with respect by the club, its committee and other members.
2. Learn to dance and socialise in an environment free from all forms of harassment and discrimination.
3. Privacy and confidentiality concerning records, documents and any other communication that contains their personal information.
4. Be informed and actively involved in dance, club events and club outings.
5. Voice their opinions and requirements for themselves and the club through democratic procedure.
1. Treat other club members fairly, equally and with respect.
2. Follow any reasonable direction or requirement given by a committee officer or authorised member of the club.
3. Behave responsibly.
4. Not physically or verbally harass others. (Fight, argue, ridicule, threaten, stalk etc.)
5. Not discriminate against any person.
6. Not damage, steal or misuse club property.
7. Not be intoxicated or under the influence of illegal drugs.
8. Not carry any weapon(s).
9. Not use offensive language or suggestions. (Swearing, gestures etc.)
10. Follow all club safety practices and requirements, so as not to put yourself or anyone else at risk.
11. Refrain from behaviour that could offend or embarrass others.
12. Maintain the harmony and good name of our club and its members, within the club and outside in the community.
13. Promotional material for other clubs and venues must not be distributed at club events without prior consultation and consent from the committee.
14. Abide by and uphold our Constitution, By–laws and Code of Conduct.
15. Shoalhaven Rock and Roll is a social club, based on dance and we urge all members to develop and maintain their dancing skills by regularly attending dances and involving themselves in learning opportunities sponsored by the club.
16. You will maximise the benefits of club membership by not only involving yourself in club events but also contributing to its activities and its future.
1. Conflict brought about by any breech or breeches of the clubs “Code of Conduct” by any club member /s, will need to be resolved calmly and with honesty, dignity and confidentiality.
2. Where and when needed, the committee reserves the right to make decisions and enforce fair and appropriate measures to resolve a dispute within these areas of discipline or conflict.

3. Any observed or reported breech or breeches of the clubs “Code of Conduct” by any member/s will be investigated, discussed and dealt with by the Committee by either a reprimand, suspension or the revoking of club membership.ome stub content goes here

The committee of the Shoalhaven RocknRoll Group